Wing and a prayer

I recently borrowed a Walden G3000 and I thought I’d be nice to lay something down with it so here it is. I enjoyed recording it, hope others will like it too.


electronic surgery / cirurgia eletrônica

As I had been having issues with my Gordon Smith Galaxy’s original wiring, I thought I may as well take this opportunity to change its original pickups (the neck pickup was also far too dark!) and try out the infamous “Jimmy Page wiring”.


Basically, this means all knobs are push-pull which gives me coil-split, series/parallel, reverse-phase and any combination of these options. Pretty cool, eh?

I might even be tempted to add a few sound clips to this post in the future!

before (original pickups & wiring)
pickups and electronics removed


Here is a very chilled out improvisation on a quiet and cold Sunday Eve at home. Grab a glass of wine and sit back for a few minutes.

PS: In case you’re interested, I combined all three outputs on my Godin Multiac Jazz (magnetic, acoustic and synth) at the same time.

Up and running again!

After about a year with no access to MySQL (don’t ask!), I’ve finally sorted that out and got the blog up and running again. Hopefully this means there might be something interesting here for a change! 🙂

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